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The NAzarene

"Whether truth or allegory, the words and teachings of Jesus
have endured for over two-thousand years, reminding us that
God is indwelling, and eternal.”


"The Nazarene"

I saw a man hanging on a cross
He said that his name was “Jesus”. 
“Where,” I thought, “did he come from?” 
He told me his homeland was Nazareth. 
I said “Oh, yes, now I know, yes, 
that I’ve heard of you. 
They tell me that you are my Savior.” 
He said “Only insofar as these things that I’ve done
can show you what you can do also.” 

"Then answer me this, oh man on the cross, 
why the life that you lead demanded so much sacrifice?” 
He said “Listen to your heart, it will show you the way. 
We must do the will of the Father.” 

"Where was this “God” when they crucified you? 
is the blood that you shed a token of his love for thee?” 
He said “Death is an illusion that binds us with fear. 
We must do the will of the Father.” 

Then he said to me “Love is your destiny. 
Your heart shall be the key. Your heart shall be the key!” 

I saw his hands. I saw the blood. 
it was real to my eyes. 

I touched his side. I felt the wound. 
It was real to my touch. 

I saw him rise into the clouds. 
It was real, It was real
It was real, It was real.

The Nazarene
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