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A Lofty Tale

Sometimes that which we are searching for in life can be surprisingly close at hand!


I once I was a dancer I could leap both far and high
One day when I was jumpin’ up I landed in the sky
A cloud it came a sailin’ by, it caught me by surprise
I thought I was a dreamin’ I could not believe my eyes!


Hey, billowy pillowin’ a flyin’ in the sky
Hey, billowy pillowin’ the cloud and I

The cloud it did it had a face and on it was a smile
It opened up it’s billow mouth and talked to me for a while
“I’m going to take you to a place where love it does abound
A magic sort of kingdom now like none you’ve ever found!"

Repeat Refrain:

I said “Away!  Awith!  Awhile!  Godspeed to you my friend!
If this be true let not a thought impede this journey’s end!”
We sailed across the rolling plains and sands of Araby
The pyramids of Egypt and the Adriatic Sea

Repeat Refrain:

Into the mountains of Tibet and jungles of Siam
Across to the Americas and on to many lands
I said, said I, “Companion, dear, when are we going to land?”
He said, said he, “When I can see, you finally understand!”

Repeat Refrain:

“That we could travel far and wide, through all eternity
a searchin’ for the kingdom that would make you happy and free.
When all along that magic place has been so close at hand
Inside the self, you call yourself, awaiting your command!”

Repeat Refrain:

I thought, thought I, how curious that I did never see
that what I wanted most of all was right inside of me
Now to the cloud I said “I’m grateful for this lesson true
I shall, in fact, remember that I’ll not forget you!”

Repeat Refrain:

The cloud did bow unto the earth and gently put me down
We broke into a dance of Love a whirlin’ 'round and 'round
Alas, the cloud did break away and bid me fond adieu
I winked an eye, and said, said I, “God Bless you!”
I winked an eye, and said, said I, “God Bless you!”


A Lofty Tale
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